Climate change framing

Conservative party

We are proud of our record and remain committed to delivering net-zero by 2050.

Labour party

The climate and nature crisis is the greatest long-term global challenge that we face.

Scottish National Party

Our commitment to tackling the twin crises of climate change and nature loss is unwavering and we believe emissions reduction and economic prosperity go hand in hand. We want to share in the enormous economic opportunities of the global transition to net-zero.

Liberal Democrats

Climate change is an existential threat. Soaring temperatures leading to wildfires, floods, droughts and rising sea levels are affecting millions of people directly, and billions more through falling food production and rising prices. Urgent action is needed – in the UK and around the world – to achieve net-zero and avert catastrophe.

Sinn Féin

We want to ... meet climate change targets through a fair and just transition to net zero.

Democratic Unionist Party

Leading a fairer – not faster – path towards net-zero.

Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru recognises that the climate and nature emergencies are the biggest threat to mankind on a global scale, and reaffirms our commitment to reaching netzero targets in Wales by 2035 and reversing biodiversity decline by 2030.

Green party

The climate emergency continues to accelerate. Scientists warn that we are currently on track for global temperatures to rise by at least 2.5°C, far beyond levels at which humanity can safely survive. Our promise to you is that all this can change. We can create a greener, fairer country together – one in which we are all safer, happier and more fulfilled.

Reform party

Net-zero is crippling our economy. Net-zero is pushing up bills, damaging British industries like steel, and making us less secure. We can protect our environment with more tree planting, more recycling and less single use plastics. New technology will help, but we must not impoverish ourselves in pursuit of unaffordable, unachievable global CO2 targets.